God Is Love {Andy Ferguson}


“Let all that you do be done in love.”

1 Corinthians 16:14

Friends, we are instructed by God to love one another. (sharing compassion, peace, gentleness, patience, kindness and more). Love itself is from God, and whoever displays and shares the fullness of love has been born of God and knows God!

If you ever wanted a practical application of what it is to be more Christ-like, it would be this. Loving one another IS Godly.  Guess what, anyone who does not love, does not know God, because God IS love. The love of God was actually made manifest (created/displayed/given to us) in our physical world through Him sending his only Son into our world (to reconcile man-kind to peace and relationship with God). This was done so that we would be able to receive life (and live in abundance to the fullest and most complete joy) from His son Jesus. This is an example of love; not that we loved Him first and not that we did anything to deserve it or earn it.

It was and is a FREE gift that we simply receive in love and grace. God the creator of everything we have ever known or seen or thought of, the Most High God, the author of life itself, the God who has authority and command over every single thing in heaven, on earth, and in the spiritual realm -  has done it all FOR us. Because He loves us so dearly. Evil was too much for man alone (in our own will-power) to be able to conquer. We are innately bound by sin in our fleshly desires and were not able to hold up our end of the covenant. So in a way, God took man and sin out of the scenario and sent His Son to conquer/defeat sin FOR us. People sometimes get stuck on the thought of: “If God made everything, then He also made Satan and evil”. Yes, but he also defeated Satan and evil FOR us. He has already done the work, we just need to accept that fact and live in the knowledge of the power and authority of Jesus and worship/praise/thank him for saving us. If God so loved (and loves) us, then we also ought to mirror Him and love one another. If we love one another, God lives in us, He abides in us, and His love is displayed through us.

This is a love that suffers through all things, a love that endures and is patient and unconditional. A love that is forgiving through all wrongs. This is a love that is selfless, not self-seeking. A love that doesn’t think about “what can I get out of this relationship?”, but rather “how can I use my gifts, talents, and unique abilities to serve and help?” We very simply can know that we abide in Him and He in us because He has given us His Spirit. Through all the ways God is at work in our lives, and by declaring that God sent his son Jesus to be the savior of the entire world! God abides in whomever confesses/declares/grasps/shares/proclaims/lives in accordance that Jesus is the Son of God (full divine authority and deity).

In the learning of who God is through the Bible and the examples of Jesus, we can see and believe clearly the love that God has for us. God is perfect love and the Bible says that God lives in you, in love (walks in God’s ways, lives by the Spirit, walks by the Spirit, emulates and mirrors the character of Jesus). These are encouraging words if you are someone who wishes to be more like Jesus and have a stronger relationship with God. What’s more encouraging is the fact that we will have confidence and joy and hope in the day of judgement the more we emulate Jesus and live in obedience out of love, rather than fear or uneasiness. When Jesus returns do you want to be fearful about where you will spend eternity? Or would you prefer to embrace that day with boundless joy? We display love and share love and live in love not out of duty, but because worthy is the Lamb who was slain for us and saves us.  So to sum this up, if you are ever unsure how to react to a situation or not sure how to respond to someone, the definitive answer is always respond with love. If it doesn't ‘seem’ to be working, and if they don't respond the way you hoped...love on them some more!

{Written by Andy Ferguson}