The Power In Your Name {Andy Ferguson}


2 Timothy 1:7

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

What is the first thing you acquire when you are adopted into a family? Their name. You also receive the baggage and history that goes along with that name, good or bad.  

Our 'family' is more than just the people at home, it is who we are related to/in relationship with/associate with. It doesn't matter at all what your worldly family-life is like: you can grow up with  the best parents/family/friends in the world; you can grow up with parents/family/friends that are absent and neglectful or you could grow up feeling like you have no parents/family/friends at all. However, we are so blessed for being adopted into God's family and all the promises and provision that go along with that.

We are often judged or subject to a bias by the name we carry.  We even see and hear teachers in school doing this, your older sibling made a reputation for him/herself, and when you get to that teachers class…“oh great, it’s another Fitzgerald, I hope you’re not like your brother”. Or  “oh there goes the Joneses, they're always getting into trouble”. But, it also comes around the other way – your older sibling was a delight for the teachers and then they are so pleased to see you walk in and sit down on the first day. “I had your sister last year in class, she was so thoughtful and helpful!” And “I’ve heard such great things about you!”

So what kind of ‘baggage’ or reputation comes with the name that we received when being adopted into son-ship with God in heaven? We have inherited the rights that Jesus inherited! We inherited the name of nobility, strength, power, glory, integrity, holiness, compassion, love, righteousness, etc.

The disciples noticed how often Jesus went away from the distractions of the fallen world and talked with (prayed to) his Father (OUR adopted Father) to gain insight, motivation, and re-energize to prepare for the miraculous things He was accomplishing.  When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to do that exact same thing; what is the first thing Jesus did during that prayer? (He NAMED his father) “Father in heaven, HOLY is your name” (your name, your being, your essence, who you are Father, IS, holy). He immediately attributed power and glory and wholeness/completeness/perfection to WHO God is. To wrap this around to what this means for us humans is that we are adopted into that same family, we have inherited that name. God has already declared to us that we are to be a Holy priesthood.

Because of this, we carry the persona ‘Holy’ (personas includes all of the same roles, character, and legal attributes - such as rights, powers, and duties)

If we meditate on that and declare that into our lives and personhood each day, that holiness should penetrate our every thought and become our drive and motivation behind what we do and how we do it (with the basis that we are Holy). That is just one glorious piece of how God sees us and desires/wills us to be – the will of God in our lives that we so often desperately seek.

There is certainly power in believing THIS truth, instead of just going along with how people already see us or expect us to be when they call us by our names here on earth.  

{Written by Andy Ferguson}